Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blame The 'Rona


Too full to do this

Is it permanent? We'll see

My haiku life paused

Saturday, July 11, 2020

July 10 - Sleeping Next To A Steamy Five-Year-Old With Pokey Feet And Knees Leaves Me With A Buzz Akin To Too Much Adrenaline

Jangled from light sleep
R conks well now, but I don't
Late-day sun clears me

July 9 - New Jumping Skills From Hanging Out With An Older Kid Precedes A Bit Of A Nightmarish Start To A Sleepover

Two-grandma play date
R jumps from a grand height, then
we go for sorbet

July 8 - A Conference Call For Families Is One More Reminder I Didn't Need That Things Are Far From Happy In This World Of Ours

New work, new sorrows
More sad people for my files
Where are we going?

July 7 - Sampling L'Ecole Brodeur Playground In Our Endless Discovery Of New Play Places

Slides make E happy
She climbs like a wee gecko
Her groove is outside

July 6 - Nature's Ways Play Out In Front Of Us In The Green Yard Off The Hayfield

Dear fawn bleats softly
It curls up in the sunshine
By dusk it has died

July 5 - When Sunny Days Are Rare, My Fave Seaside Getaway Gets Awfully Noisy

Beach downside: People.
They forget how sound carries
I know their secrets

Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 4 - Laundry Lament As I Count Down The Days Until I Can Have A Washer And Dryer Again

I hate laundromats
I've tried to adjust. I can't
Such a waste of time

July 3 - The Old Chapters Meet-Up Still Works Even Though Browsing In The Time Of A Pandemic Is An Odd Experience

School pals go shopping
Malls are so strange with two-ways
Vick's hip keeps us calm

July 2 - More Adventuring With Two Small Girls, One Of Whom Needs Owen To Help Her Through Her Fear Of The Sea

R brings home a crab
I swear, I thought it was dead
E screams near the shore

July 1 - No Better Way To Celebrate Canada Day Than By Spending Much Of It Outside

52-k ride
I stop for a pig visit
Stamina improves

June 30 - To Here And There And Beyond

Much driving around
My bossy adventure pal
wants lots of sampling

June 29 - When You Throw The Whole Work Plan Out The Window And Carpe Diem At Banfield Park

Hooky with a bud
Never squander sunny days
Love my new basket

Monday, June 29, 2020

June 28 - Deb W And I LaunchThe Day With A Sunny Walk

Ramble through the flats
Stiff from my crash, but not bad
We meet Z at Glo

June 27 - Backyard Theft Sends Shock Waves Everywhere But Has A Fairly Happy Ending. Meanwhile, I Slam Into A Road Sign On An Evening Ride

Cycling at the school
On Graham Street, things go south
But the purse comes home

June 26 - In Which We Dunk Strawberries In Chocolate, Eat Burgers, Inspect The Bird's Nest, And Just Generally Have A Fun Time

Sofa bed's quite nice
R says she can't sleep, then sleeps
Paul conks way sooner

June 25 - An Attempt To Make Children Happy Fails Miserably Because An Adult Essential To The Whole Thing Forgets That I'm Coming By

My poor girl's heart breaks
She might get past this. I won't.
Time for better friends

June 24 - Neck Deep In Sector Challenges, Which Just Seem To Increase With Every Government Attempt To Make Things Better

Is this my issue?
This job has fuzzy edges
Allies always sought

Tuesday, June 16, 2020