Friday, October 13, 2017

Oct 12 - Is This Gym Class Actually Going To Work? Is This What Being The Parental Figure Of A Strong-Willed Child Feels Like? Can't They See What An Empowered Adult She Will Be One Day?

Moms are judging me
The girl's not really a brat
She just hates this scene

Oct 11 - In Which I Finally Realize That R Uses Snacks In Her Car Seat Strategically To Keep Herself Awake

We drive for ages
But the kid just won't give in
Burgers won't be fun

Oct 10 - Part-time Shows Its Problematic Side In A Week When There's A Statutory Holiday And A Strange Confluence Of Post-Thanksgiving Funding Announcements

I pant through the day
A stupid amount of work
I'm making mistakes

Oct 9 - A Hike Up Mount Doug That Is More Or Less Like A Walking Therapy Session For My Sad And Shaken Companion

This woman has woes
A couple not meant to be
The dying of love

Oct 8 - A Gonzales Hill-Anderson Hill Double Header As A Friend And I Get Deep

Weekend of long walks
People have way more problems
Than anyone knows