Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sept 23 - I Could Not Have Predicted That The Dog And The Toddler Would Bond Over Rassling With Each Other And Her Always Trying To Straighten His Tail

Ollie's up at six
Bouncing in to find his "pup"
Guess she's not too rough

Sept 22 - The Nervous Parents Finally Give Up Their Resistance To Getting A Great Night's Sleep At Our Expense, Though In Fact We Do Just Fine

Yay, a sleepover!
We watch Pooh, eat perogies
Overfeed the dog

Sept 21 - You Would Think That An Exhausting Hour At Gymnastics Would Knock Her Out. But You’d Be Wrong

Sprawled out on the sand
She’s almost asleep, but fights
I enjoy the rest

Sept 20 - Rachelle Is Coming For Dinner And Having This Small One In A More Manageable State After An Afternoon Sleep Feels Urgent

Soothing butterflies
Though I still drive forever
before those eyes close

Sept 19 - Just Because You're Politically Correct And Cutting-Edge Doesn't Mean You Do Things In A New Way

Hierarchies are hard
Many things I'd like to say
But of course, I don't

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017