Monday, November 19, 2018

Nov 19 - There's A Hole In My Sidewalk (Oh, Wait, My Leg)

My shin cut is gross
How am I here again?

Nov 18 - Shopping Trip In Abbotsford, Though Not Before We Do A Little RV Porn At The Dealership

Now it's Gage's turn
Pillow. Boiled-wool bomber. Shirt
Clothes make boys happy

Nov 17 - The Conference Wraps And I Pack Up Spare Sandwiches For J and G And Head East To Abbotsford

What, more food to eat?
I can't resist sausages
Late sun ignites fields

Nov 16 - One Of Those 15-Hour Days On A Long Night Of Tossing

Bleary-eyed, no sleep
Adrenalin will suffice
Though it's gone by 10

Nov 15 - And So It Begins As I Head To The City To Make This Thing Happen

Surprise text: Move now!
I pack too, bound for Richmond
and tuna poke

Nov 14 - The Conference Pressure Mounts But My Childcare Commitment Gives Me No Choice But To Be Here Now, Which Is Such A Gift

R wants Bean again
Luckily, Austin is home
Glad for small problems