Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July 11 - When Travel Meets Housesitting Meets Unexpected Family Developments, You Just Gotta Pack Light

One-day turnaround
Nothing is solid right now
We must be weightless

July 10 - Home Again, Home Again, For Once Benefiting From Colwood Digs

Oh for pete's sake - sun?
I'll mow the lawn and dead-head
Should have camped right here

July 9 - And Now We're Four, Which Turns Out To Be A Very Good Thing In Terms Of More People To Tear Down Our Sopping Wet Camp

Mini-golf meetup
While we're gone, the rain pours down
Run for the Valley

July 8 - Like A Good Grandmother, I Swim Up Into The Icy Zone To Verify No Rocks Below And Suitable Depth

What is it with boys?
If a high jump's good, higher
is surely better

July 7 - Why Do I Always Pick Mid-Island For Hangouts When I Know The Weather Will Almost Certainly Be Questionable?

North for one more boy
Rain motivates me to try
This time, the tarp works

July 6 - The Englishman River Adventure Begins Under Somewhat Ominous Skies

Off on a boy run
We grab tent and groceries
The tarp defeats me

July 5 - A Double Packup To Prepare For Stranding Paul In Colwood While I Go Camping

Car's going to be stuffed
Theo slumps, distressed by bags
The gypsies move on

Sunday, June 24, 2018