Monday, September 17, 2018

Sept 16 - And Then We Finished Off A Nice Day With A Viewing Of "Black Panther," Which Is B-Movie Bad

Long off-leash beach walk
This crazy pair barks at waves
More fun than working

Sept 15 - The Benefit Of A Harbinger Street Address Is That You're Two Blocks Away From Homegrown Produce And Delicious Pecan Rolls

Gravenstein apples
Rare treasures from the market
on a rainy day

Sept 14 - And Here We Are With The Shelties Again, Who Haven't Actually Gotten Less Excitable Now That They're Three Months Older

Bye, cats. Hello, dogs
Good riddance to that damn crawl
Soon, no more commutes

Sept 13 - Getting The Chance To Touch Creatures Who Are Nervous About Being Touched Turns Out To Be Best Tried Right At Feeding Time, Though The Goats Are Always Game

Late day at the zoo
Perfect for petting creatures
Edging close for meals

Sept 12 - We Grab A Tour Of The Inner Harbour And Explore Fisherman's Wharf

Nice day for boat rides
R likes to sit near the edge
Unsettling the guests

Sept 11 - Snooty Penny Finally Gives In To Our Charms, At Least A Little

What's up with this cat?
She ignores me for a week
And now I'm her pal

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sept 7 - Seriously, This Painful Commute Eats Up Any Free Time. I Know, I'm Going On And On About It, But It's True

Damn you, crawl - I'm late
I buy big steaks when homeward
Better to delay

Sept 6 - You Can't Expect Every Child-Minding Day To Be Fun, Especially When So Much Of It Involves Fighting Traffic

Day feels off-kilter
Routines changed, season shifting
And that blasted crawl

Sept 5 - Come On, Would It Kill Them To Shake Up The Routines A Bit?

We're back at gym class
Wonder if the kids grow bored
with how "same" this is

Sept 4 - I Would Go Mad If This Was My Everyday Work Routine

First day of preschool
And for me, the awful crawl
Who can live out here?

Sept 3- People Invest A Lot Of Energy In Imagining Stuff To Distinguish Their Animals As Special

This is a strange scene
Please go catch your flight now
The cats will be fine

Sept 2 - A Little Holiday In Cowichan Bay

Car jammed, we drive north
Eating burgers with bikers
Some things never change