Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 14 - A Surprisingly Productive Day In Which We Do A Little DIY To Keep The Borrowed Neighbours From Crabbing About The Geyser

We fix the sprinkler
Nighttime with the Maladies
and Toni's school pals

June 13 - The Emotional Rollercoaster Around Not Wanting To Leave Mama Appears To Be Diminishing

I test the drop-off
It works, though not without tears
It'll all pass soon

June 12 - A Seriously Long Play Date When Two Wee Ones Discover They Are Wild About A Lake In The Hot Sunshine

Perfect Thetis day
The kids are so well-behaved
Ice cream for my gang

June 11 - I Did Have Some Things To Say About Pauline Johnson

Book club was tonight
I wasn't there. Blame the girls
I'll always choose them

June 10 - BikingTo The SSC Presentation In Colwood Is Not The Quickest Way To Do It, But The Best

This might have bugged me
Were it not for three hours
of decent cycling

June 9 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

I'm back with the kid
I'd wanted a long bike ride
But there's tomorrow

June 8 - Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Grab The Windex And Clean Out The Weird Bits Of Old Dirt In Your Car Console

Bouncy dog, white cat
Everything is strange again
Focus on small tasks

June 7 - At The Car Wash

Come on, kid, let's hang
She's almost giddy to find
things back to normal

June 6 - Late Start And Weird End As Gage Runs Off To Abbotsford Unexpectedly, But Otherwise This Travel Day Is Uneventful

Scrambled Gatwick rush
Repacking bags to meet weights
Gage buses eastward

June 5 - A Day In The UK That Lets Us Shake Off At Least A Couple Of Hours Of Time Change, Although Gage Can't Do Pokemon

Pascale picks us up
We wander London's packed streets
Graham makes us lamb

June 4 - We Take Time To Smell The Roses On The Way To Veliko Tarnova And Beyond As This Great Trip Winds Down

Crazy rain pounds down
Our wet clothes steam up the car
Rush to Bucharest

June 3 - The Plovdiv Apartment Lives Up To Its Billing As Being Steps Away From The Historic Centre

Hunt for the small church
I wander, eat gelato
Take in the prayer call

June 2 - In Which We Discover An Entire Church Crypt Devoted To Icons All The Way Back To The 13th Century, And I'm In Art-Appreciation Heaven

This town grows on me
Food at the Ladies Market
Hiding from the rain

June 1 - We're Getting Good At This Routine Of Crossing The Border And Getting SIM Cards And Money At Warp Speed As We Pull Into Pretty Sofia

Many tasks, long drive
Then off to the promenade
To stroll with the crowd

May 31 - While The Accommodation And Food Choices Are Limited In Golubac And They Won't Let Us Walk On The Highest Parapets Because Of The Rain, This Is A Memorable Place

This small town's not much
But there's a cliff-top fortress
Sweet dog, hungry cat

May 30 - Who Knew That Novi Sad Had Such A Fashion District? Or That We Would Be Walking About The City On The 20th Anniversary Of A Particularly Horrible NATO Bombing?

Bridge walk to fortress
I spot cute purses, sparking
a small shopping binge

May 29 - We Arrive In Novi Sad With SIM Cards In Place, Money In Hand, And Sheer Joy At The Size Of The Place We're Staying

Wow, this apartment!
We spread out, shut doors, relax
Roam the streets for food

May 28 - The Skies Open On Timisoara After Some Big Driving Failures On The A1 When Googleova Fails To Grasp That An Exit Is Closed

GPS goes wrong
We arrive hungy and damp
to find this sweet spot

May 27 - Creepy-Crawling Our Way To Bran Castle

No vampires in sight
I eat round bread cooked on coals
Damn all this road work

May 26 - Full Day Of Big Walking In Fabulous Sighisoara (Which I Now Know To Call Siggy-Shwara)

Hills and stairs to climb
Gage and I take the back roads
Seeking distant views

May 25 - Possibly The Strangest Tourist Attraction Ever In The Underground Of Turda

Deep in the salt mine
We row in the gloom, breathing
therapeutic air

May 24 - I Search In Vain For Papanasi, But We Do Find A Late-Night Cabbage Eatery After The KFT Show

Hey, a walking tour
Hip city packed with students
Night brings old rockers

May 23 - On The Road To Cluj-Napoca, Having Decided To Ditch One More Night In Monastery Territory

Goats crowd the highway
I'll miss these green mountain views
We're urban-bound now

May 22 - A Busy Day Takes Us To Suceava Fortress And Monasteries At Suceavita and Dragomirna

Rhythmic wood drumming
She calls the nuns to prayer
As it's always been

May 21 - The Monastery Visits Begin With A Surprise Scramble Around Icy, Beautiful Pietrele Doamnei

Voronet-blue tales
Five hundred years and still here
We hike to the snow

May 20 - One Of Those Times Where You Go Looking For One Thing But Find Another That's Possibly Even Better, And Also Ride The Piatra Neamt Telegondola

The church should be closed
In fact, it's not the right one
But it's magic here

May 19 - In Which We Don't Get To Go To The Peasant Museum

But why is it closed?
Never mind. There's markets here
Pokemon park day

May 18 - Buna Dimineata, Bucaresti

Lost in the city
No GPS! Roundabouts!
Then we walk and walk

May 17 - Lost In The Time Change On The Long, Long Haul From Vancouver To Bucharest

This day is so long
Did I sleep at all? Not much
Binged on "Killing Eve"

May 16 - Sunset Somewhere Over Manitoba

Car, ship, bus, metro
That's just to get to the plane
Red-eye to London