Sunday, August 13, 2017

Aug 13 - At The Cedar Hill Dog Park

Dog walk, and Remy
meets his match. Not a mean one
but still damn alpha

Aug 12 - My Long-Lost Lover Returns From The Wilds Of Alberta And Suddenly It Feels Like Old Times

O goes north; Paul, west
Welcome home, partner. Missed you.
Here's your two new dogs

Aug 11 - O And I Celebrate With A Modest Steak As The First Semblance Of 'Normal' Returns To My Life

Yay, the car is fixed!
Even when it costs a lot,
I'm glad to see it

Aug 10 - Owen Finally Gets To Try Out The Ceramics Place After We Hang At Weird Little Carnarvon Water Park

Sweet that this small boy
wants to make a plate for mom
Styled with hearts and love

Aug 9 - Everything That Hasn't Gone Right Catches Up With Me Today, Mitigated Only Slightly By A Very Good Value Village Shop With Owen

The kid looks homeless
New-old shoes help out, more pants
Feeling discouraged

Aug 8 - New Dogs, New House, Back At Work, Paul's Still Gone, No Car, Hastily Thrown Together Plan B For Owen

O goes to Kass's
I go to work, though my brain
doesn't come along

Aug 7 - Stop-And-Go Traffic On The Malahat For An Hour Fries My Clutch And Leaves Owen And I Stranded

Come on, not today!
I get that plans go awry
But this is brutal

Aug 6 - Sometimes A Trip To Coombs Can Be A Bit Overheated On A Summer Day, But The Ice Cream Cones Are Amazing

Coombs and mini golf
I drive R while the boys play
Though I want the pond

Aug 5 - A Long, Delicious Day At Qualicum Beach With The Tide Out

Miles of sand and sea
The boys build a sand castle
We rescue dead crabs

Aug 4 - The Family Converges In Our Little Vacation Yard As All My Kids Arrive For A Morning Hangout

The valley gang's here
R is crabby, sleepy, off
The 'rampoline' helps

Aug 3 - Wasn't Sure If The Boys Would Be Into A Day This Lazy But I Am Happy To Oblige

What shall we do next?
Lie at the pond, eat the food
Wait for R and R

Aug 2 - The Teenagers Lead Me To A Swimming Hole At Little Qualicum That I Haven't Been To In 15 Years

We jump two fences
to sneak to the secret pool
The boys leap from cliffs

Aug 1 - A Third Grandson Joins The Clan At The Qualicum Bay Trailer And It Almost Feels Like Old Times

Zac arrives at six
Suddenly, they're little boys
Water guns in hand

July 31 - Things Start To Feel More Like A Real Vacation As I Grab Owen And Gage In Courtenay And We Head To Qualicum

Kids, stuff, groceries
Let's hope they can eat all this
Smokies for supper

July 30 - And Isn't That Just Like Anti-Karma To Show Up With A Traffic Jam On The Day When It Would Have Been Really Nice To Catch The 5:20 Ferry?

I drive like crazy
Alas, Chilliwack stops me
Brannen Lake's near dusk

July 29 - The Longest Drive I've Ever Made On My Own Puts Me Back Near The Town I've Never Liked Much

Long, hot, smoky drive
I set up west of Golden
Not quite dark, but close

July 28 - Barbara Turns 90 In The Shadow Of All That's Going On, Though At Least They Didn't Release Bud Yet

Cake, steak, clarity
Paul will have to finish up
But let's get started

July 27 - In The Original Plan, Bud Was Going To Lead Us All On A Day-Long Stampede Fest, So We Go In His Honour

This day is for fun
Bucking broncos, glitter girls
Their horse butts sparkling

July 26 - The Realization That The Transition Process Out Of Hospital Is No Better In Alberta Than It Is In BC

Sheets at bankrupt Sears
Bud seems worn, but they tell us
he comes home Friday

July 25 - Getting Used To The Reframing Of A Fun Holiday Into Many Hours At The Hospital, Though The Quality Inn Is Very Nice

We perch on walkers
Watching Bud eat flat chicken
Drinking Real Fruit Chills

July 24 - Paul's Cousin Treats Us To A Meal At The Beefeater As We Bring Her Up To Date On Developments Here In Medicine Hat

Poor Bud, thin and red
Tomorrow the research starts
Tonight, steak with friends

July 23 - Back In Stunning Waterton, Where Even The Knowledge Of What We're Driving Into Can't Wreck A Two-Hour Ride

Meadows and mountains
are prettiest when viewed from
the back of a horse

July 22 - West, West To The Crow's Nest Pass, With An Interesting Stop At The Creston ER

Doc gets Paul on pills
Plan B lands us in mountains
At a church retreat

July 21 - Now The Bad News About Bud Really Has Us, And Poor Paul Looks So Rough With All Of His Own Stress Manifestations. And We're Living In A Tent

Lake hikes and swimming
Two trips out to find signals
Bad time for no phones

July 20 - This Is The Day When Things All Start To Go Screwy, Though We Don't Yet Know It As We Start Our Drive South

If I had a horse
No one would see me again
Lost in golden hills

July 19 - In Which I Realize That Cold-River Swimming Is Possibly My Favourite Recreational Activity

This is happiness:
Cold, clear river, deep enough
to catch bold kids

July 18 - And The Camping Begins, With Night One At Bromley Rock After An Uneventful Drive From Tsawwassen

Young cedar waxwings
Bunched tight on a branch, preening
Beaks stained with berries