Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26 - The Rain's So Close You Can Feel It Pressing In On You

What's that, a raindrop?
Clouds loom. The air is so thick
Still, it can't break through

April 25 - I Remember That I Didn't Like Living So Far Away From Everything, And That It's So Damn Annoying When You Can't Bring Yourself To Be Rude Enough To Tell Your Fellow Passenger To Push Off

The flights are quite short
Though the four-hour bus ride
is pure inferno

April 24 - My Day As Viewed Through The Foods I Ate, First With Misael, Then With Edy's Family, Then All By Myself At Carnita Nia Lola

Bananas to start
A fried fish in Ostuman
Anafre alone

April 23 - Mild Panic When 21 Children And Five Adults Having An Otherwise Lovely Pool Day Find Out That The Ingredients Bag For Their Picnic Sandwiches Has Gone Walking. But Que Bueno, A Happy Ending

The ham bag's missing
But the fates are kind to kids
A store has stashed it

April 22 - In Which I Visit The Former Angelitos Kids And All Their Daycare Pals At Their Impressive New Place, Then Slip Away For Two-For-One Margaritas At Tanya's

Up to Casita
The kids appraise me, hug me
Hyped for the pool trip

April 21 - Returning To Copan Ruinas After Two Years Away Is A Bit Like Walking Back Into A Very Familiar Movie Set

Barely off the bus
when the first familiar face
plants me in Copan