Monday, January 19, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jan 3 - A Poultice And A Lot Of Catch-Up Chores, But Reviewing All My Holiday Photos Is Fun

My scraped foot puffs up
I post two weeks of haikus
While the wet bread works

Jan 2 - Home To Managua, And This Time Paul Doesn't Have To Stand Up All The Way

Last sweaty leg home
We wisely rush for the bus
Gringos in the know

Jan 1 - Always Good To Keep Up Your Hitchhiking Skills, Although No One Was Initially Much Inclined To Stop

Holiday bus sked
Strands us at Charco Verde
We thumb back to town

Dec 31 - New Year's Eve Takes Us To Santa Domingo And Back To Partake In The Unusual Custom Of Burning Up A Dummy Stuffed With Firecrackers

Blowin' in the wind
We join Freddie for a steak
Then watch The Man burn

Dec 30 - And Off On The Bikes We Go, In Search Of Charco Verde

The roads starts climbing
But we turn right, to the lake
Hoping the gears hold

Dec 29 - Soaking Out Our Stresses In The Mineral-Rich Depths Of Ojo De Agua

Walk or wait? We walk
To water cenote-clear
Full of happy kids

Dec 28 - 10-K Round Trip To Punta Jesus Maria, But We're Cool With That Now That We Know The Bus System Is Hard To Count On

On a black sand beach
The view is all Concepcion
Wearing her cloud hat

Dec 27 - A Visit To The Doctor At Poneloya And After That We're On Our Way To Ometepe

We are southward bound
First to fix up Paul's bad ears
Then seek volcanos

Dec 26 - Kayaking Into The Juan Venado Nature Reserve

Blue, green, grey, white
It's the UN of shore birds
Foraging for snacks

Dec 25 - For One Hustle-Bustle And Ultimately Garbage-Strewn Day, Las Penitas Fills Up With Vacationing Nicaraguans

Sunshine and sea birds
Nicaraguans pack the beach
Diving under waves

Dec 24 - The Very Nice Jose And Azalea Invite The Sol Y Mar Guests To Share A Meal

We dine with strangers
As has become our custom
Eating wild chickens

Dec 23 - A Nasty Surprise Awaits As Paul Makes A Serious Misstep Within Minutes Of Our Arrival At Las Penitas

The perfect beach day
Except for Paul's sting ray foot
Purple veins and pain

Dec 22 - In Which We Appreciate The Habits Of The Good Citizens of Leon Of Opening Their Doors In The Evening Heat So We Can See Into Their Homes

The bus with no roof
Puts us high enough to glimpse
Lives lived below us

Dec 21 - We Go Sandboarding Down The Volcano Cerro Negro, Which Is Really Quite A Crazy Thing To Do

At first, I'm quite scared
I take heed and drag my feet
Blackening my shoes

Dec 20 - At The Centro De Cultura

Astonishing art
Hung perfectly en casa
Leon's secret heart