Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dec 23 - A Halting, Lurching, Bad-Transmission, Overly Packed, Inching-Progress Ride From San Carlos To Managua

The bus looks pretty
But we shouldn't have been fooled
Beauty is in speed

Dec 22 - An Easy Morning In El Castillo

The boys get haircuts
I walk graves, where twins lie dead
Boat rocks us to sleep

Dec 21 - Hiking With Our Guide Orlando Into The Reserva Indio Maiz, Although It's Me Who Spots The Monkey

Mud to our boot tops
We eat termites and chew sticks
that leave us drooling

Dec 20 - And Into The Jungle We Go On The Three-Hour Slow Boat To El Castillo

Currents take us east
Past egrets and startled ducks
To the hilltop fort

Dec 19 - On The Road From Leon To San Carlos, Which Makes For A Rather Unpleasant 12 Hours Of Travel

Elephant ankles
Bus. Taxi. Bus. Taxi. Bus
One tough little town 

Dec 18 - If Only The Camera Hadn't Been Locked In Our Hotel Room Too, I'd Have Had A Great Video Of Shirtless Ex-Pat Dave Booting Our Door In

All surf and sunshine
Until we're locked out again
Owner looks pissed

Dec 17 - We Rest Our Post-Volcano Legs At Las Penitas With A Late Afternoon Trip Into Juan Venado Reserve To Release Newly Hatched Sea Turtles

Swim, baby turtles!
Though odds are stacked against you
We place you with care

Dec 16 - In Which I Am Reminded That Sleeping On The Ground On An Old Piece Of Rolled-Up Carpet That Smells Like Cat Pee Is Not Conducive To A Good Night's Rest

Sunrise is perfect
But our bruised bodies lack sleep
Stinking stumble down

Dec 15 - We Keep Telling Ourselves That You Just Don't Get A View Like This Unless You Work For It, But It's Small Comfort As We Stagger To The Top Of El Hoyo

Oh, our throbbing feet
Four volcanoes? No one's plan
Smudged by steam billows

Dec 14 - North To Leon For Volcanoes, Beaches And Turtles

A roof view so pure
That even those greying socks
are transformed to white