Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aug. 18 - Back On That Damn Overnight Flight To Copan

High-end cat litter
Time with Colleen and Keely
Then we're red-eye bound

Aug 17 - Bye 'Til Next Year, Kids!

We're off in a rush
Hustling to Victoria
A Gorge walk soothes me

Aug 16 - Miraculously, We Catch The 12:45 To Duke Point

Ferry woman says
3:15 or later, but
we're lucky she's wrong

Aug 15 - Trying To Make The Best Of The Traditional Vehicle Breakdown

Change of plans when the
brakes blow up; four hours stalled
in Revelstoke

Aug 14 - A Stop At Calgary's Science World And Then It's On To The Rockies

Lake Louise is full
We eat meaty spaghetti
In the overflow

Aug. 13 - I Lose My Cool When The Pizza Fails To Arrive

Pizza guy gets "robbed"
True or false? We'll never know
Hot dogs yet again

Aug 12 - From Athol, Idaho To Waterton National Park

Way too much drive time
But a dip in this cold lake
Almost restores me

Aug 11 - Perfect Day For The Boulder Beach Water Park

Rides and waterslides
Huckleberry funnel cakes
American fun

Aug 10 - Ripping Up Silverwood Amusement Park

Twelve hours of rides
Lineups, pop refills, no food
World's slowest park staff

Aug 9 - Riding The Free Bus In Coeur D'Alene

Crazy bus system
Is beloved by the poor
But hard to plan for

Aug 8 - OK, It's Not Wilderness Camping, But Who's Complaining?

Showers and plug-ins
For all our electronics
Urban-camping joy

Aug 7 - The Upside Of Teenage Grandsons

Can't help but like it
Now that Paxton, Zach and Gage
Are making burgers

Aug 6 - We Settle In At Lake Wenatchee

Eight campers, slow start
But the late, hot sun keeps us
swimming past 7

Aug. 5 - Night One: South Whidbey Island State Park

Bold chipmunks and birds
Roam our campground for food scraps
Misty beach below

Aug 4 - In Which We Prepare For A 5:15 A.M. Ferry

Time in the RV
organizing for the trip
Parking-lot camping

Aug 3 - Cocktail Gathering At The Cedars Grove Lounge

Mom throws a party
Jason brings penguin olives
Babies, family, friends

Aug 2 - I'm Never Going To LIke This Part

Thousands of feet up
My hips ache, my toes are cold
For 12 long hours