Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30 - A Walk At The Ruins

This tree is humming
Is it wind through the branches?
No, bees in the trunk

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15 - On The Road Again: Tocoa, Here I Come

Early morning sun
In the back of the pickup
Then a long pool swim

June 14 – Day Trip To Nueva Jerusalen And Plaplaya

We go for conch soup
Watch cocaine deals – carefully –
And come home sunburned

June 13 – Late-night drinks at the Palacios cantina

How fun to sneak off
To the bad part of town for
Beer and gifity

June 12 – Life In The ‘Beautiful Prison’

Day 6 and I’m bored
So much beauty to enjoy
And yet no freedom

June 11 - A Long Day Of Scratching

My legs are covered
In thousands of small bug bites
Vicks VapoRub works

June 10 – In Which We Fill 300 Bags Of Dirt

I can’t sit idle
Time to get my hands dirty
With Jersy and friends

June 9 - The 16-kilometre hike to the Garifuna assembly

Elvis and I are
Walking to another town
A beach day of sorts

June 8 - Funny What Ends Up Normal

Blue crabs, fallen cows
A strange day, yet I forget
To tell Paul a thing

June 7 - Back For A Stay At The Moskitia Hotel

Even tube showers
Feel good when you’re this sweaty
No narcos this time

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