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Jan 5 - And Beagley Showed Up Too

Clothes washed: Tick. Hair dyed.
Dog food restocked; shoes scrubbed clean
Normalcy: Restored

Jan 4 - Dragging Back To Copan After The Hostel Owner's Loud, Long Party

Good news: sleepless nights
Knock you out that much better
On the slow ride home

Jan 3 - Long, Long Boat Ride Followed By Slow, Slow Bus Ride, Ending In San Pedro Sula

My sea legs won't stop
As we hop on a cheap bus
To sleep in a dorm

Jan 2 - On Our Amazing Night Snorkel

Skinny beam picks up
An octopus passing by
Gleaming lobster eyes

Jan 1 - Walking The Very Wet Nature Trail At The Far End Of Caye Caulker

The mangrove's alive
With night herons and ibis
A croc takes the sun

Dec 31 - The Ragamuffin All-Day Snorkel Trip, With Rum Punch And A Narrowly Achieved Nod To The New Year

We sail to the reef
Sea creatures and snorkellers
Jockey for best spots

Dec 30 - More Bus And Boat To Make Our Way To Caye Caulker

The sun emerges
As we zip through azure seas
Swimming at the Split

Dec 29 - An Indiana Jones Adventure In The Amazing Atun Tunichal Muknal Cave

Our necks barely fit
Past the tight spots on our swim
Old spirits live here

Dec 28 - West to San Ignacio

Cahal Pech awaits
Lord of this small town, this place
Of expensive tours

Dec 27 - We Go Walking In Cockscombe Reserve With The Very Bird-Smart Santos

Six howler monkeys
Rustle palms above our heads
Below, crested guans

Dec 26 - Goodbye Rio Dulce; Hello Hopkins, Belize

Sea spray starts the day
The people's bus takes us north
For late-day beach time

Dec 25 - We Will Not Soon Forget This Christmas Day

We are stealth paddlers
Spying trogons, manatees
Fish bite our cold legs

Dec 24 - Paddling To The Head Of The Rio Lampara

Rainy-day kayak
Mud to the knees from the hike
To the hidden falls

Dec 23 - Kayak On The Rio Dulce

Glimpse of something brown
Could it be? A manatee!
Then dockside swimming

Dec 22 - By Bus And By Boat We Make Our Way From Copan Ruinas To The Rio Dulce

This bus is jam-packed
But soon we're on the river
Chilling with a beer

Dec 21 - One Last Angelitos Chore Before We Leave

On the eve of gone
I buy stacks of underwear
And smile at the sun