Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30 - The Sun Shines On Those Gathered For A Two-Year-Old's Birthday, And Then We Clean That Big, Big House For Way Too Long

Birthday girl's tetchy
But she loves her fancy cake
We move. Again. Sigh.

April 29 - In Which We Mark Paul's 65th With What I Think Is The Right Number Of Family Gathered To Make Things Festive Without Irritating The Guest Of Honour, While Also Providing Nice Buildup For Him Getting His Formula 1 Tickets

Surprise guest for Paul
Lamb burgers, my splashy gift
It's party enough

April 28 - The First Night Of A New Housesit Goes From Typically Hectic To Pretty Damn Crazy When Daniel, Rachelle And Families Show Up

Too many people
What must the dogs think? Pack gone
Strangers on the stairs

April 27 - Esquimalt Lagoon On A Sunny Day, Not Yet Warm Enough But Still A Very Welcome Thing

The space between logs
is windless. We feed the gulls
Sand between our toes

April 26 - A Swapped Work Day, A Brief Lull Before The Next House Guests Arrive

Cycle in and out
My new routine, so calming
These are social days