Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oct 20 - It's Like When You Wake Up After A Nightmare And Feel So Relieved To Know That Real Life Awaits

Is this hope I feel?
The Bad Man is gone; today
we are born again

Oct 19 - An Unmemorable Day Of Many Airports, Except For Arriving Back In Managua At The Same Moment As The Celebrated Boxer Chocolatito

Cool! Day-night windows
I treasure small distractions
On a travel day

Oct 18 - Were It Up To Me, I Would Have Skipped At Least One Of These Two-For-One Buffets And Ditched At Least One Show. But Hey, Maybe That's Just Me

There's no time for fun
in the serious pursuit
of Vegas savings

Oct 17 - You Can't Beat Las Vegas And The Non-Stop Activities Planned By Terry Hepburn When It Comes To A Memorable 90th Birthday

The birthday queen shines
in her purple tiara
Rolling through the crowds

Oct 16 - I Wake Up In Vegas

Highlights: Ping Pang Pong
Book of Mormon. Sister feuds.
Deep-fried oreos

Oct 15 - Eight Brutally Uninteresting Hours In The Los Angeles Airport, Still Sick From The Mondongo Experience

I'm cold, bored and lost
in the badly designed mess
that is LAX

Oct 14 - Lunch At My Final Forum Pushes Me Over The Edge Into The Usual Mysterious Gastro-Intestinal Thing

Mondongo? Please, no
My belly revolts, sending
me to bed by 6