Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 14 - In Which I Arrive Back In Victoria Feeling Like I've Survived Some Kind Of Life Test But Baffled By Why I Needed One

Valentine drive home
Paul serves up steak and champagne
New dog has no hair

Feb 13 – Daniel, Gage, Maggie, Banksy And I Get Out For A Walk On A Beautiful Afternoon

Sunshine on the spit
My skin savours the warmth, light
So done with winter

Feb 12 – My Return To Courtenay After Parksville Means I Can Bring A Surprise Guest To The 80th Birthday

Off to Bob’s birthday
D meets and greets, 20 years
gone by since last time

Feb 11 – The Day When A Really Bad Turn Of Events Made Me Want To Run Away And Leave This Whole Hard Week Behind Me, But Then The Younger Boys Came And I Calmed Down. Well, Kind Of.

“Where’s your car?” I ask
He lies. When I find out, I leave him
Sockless in the snow

Feb 10 – Eventually Sprung From Snow Jail Though Most Of The Day Went To Chipping Away At The Driveway

Plow’s late, and this time
I pay for the bobcat work
Pax to work, me dead

Feb 9 – White-Out, The Absence Of Colour Broken Only By The Pomegranate I Cut Up For The Chickens And Alpacas

Too much snow to leave
Pax and I pace – caged, stranded
I barter cookies

Feb 8 – In Which I Do Things Like Inflate The Tires And Lay In Provisions, As If The Apocalypse Might Come

Town trip for wifi
A library patron snores
The snow keeps falling

Feb 7 – If I Had Any Inclination To Have A Small Rural Property With Animals, I No Longer Do

Sick Gage bikes over
Chicken nipples frozen up
I walk dogs all day

Feb 6 – This Isn’t Going To Be One Of Those Easy, Feet-Up-Relaxing Kind Of Housesits

Two dog walks, knee deep
in this endless damn white stuff
Seeking the routine

Feb 5 – Off To Be A Rural Alpaca Farmer, Though What’s With This Weather?

Nanaimo white-out
I crawl along at 40
My snow skills rusty

Feb 4 – Giving It The Big Final Push Before I’m Gone For 10 Days

Packing. Lifting. Drinks
with my downstairs relatives
Paul brings home pizza