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Oct 12 - Too Soon

The rains have come
But I still hang out the clothes
Refusing to cede

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10 - Four Hours of Sorting Pictures from the Trip

Twelve hundred photos
All the sights from two wild weeks
Spill across my screen

Oct 9 - Returning

One last shopping trip
Then a long, long flight back home
Grateful for free wine

Oct 8 - Cycling Century Park

This odd bicycle
Carries me past orange flowers
And overweight brides

Oct 7 - Shanghai At Night

Skyscrapers sparkle
Neon jewels line the river
A night garden's bloom

Oct 6 - The Haunting Truth about the Three Gorges Project

The river rose up
And a million residents
Lost what was most dear

Oct 5 - An Excursion to the Shennong River

With barely a wince
Five sinewy men pull hard
To row us upstream

Oct 4 - Ghost City

Steps and steps and steps
Lead us to the Gates of Hell
Where the king awaits

Oct 3 - Three Gorges Cruise

Our cruise ship sets sail
Three days on the vast Yangtze
Feet up, we relax

Oct 2 - The Men Who Carry the Sedan Chairs at Longji

Their faces straining
They carry people upward
Nine hundred steep stairs

Oct 1 - A River Cruise

Limestone mountains rise
High above the River Li
Stooped women pick snails

Sept 30 - An Evening's Walk in Guilin

Alone, I wander
Past purple lights on the lake
A night market's buzz

Sept 29 - Blown Away by the Terracotta Warriors

A man digs a well
Seven thousand warriors
Emerge to amaze

Sept 28 - Trouble at the Airport

A booze-filled bag, a
lost passport -  Beijing Airport
won't soon forget us

Sept 27 - The Great Wall

Thirteen towers up
The tourist scene falls away
Lost in Beijing's smog

Sept 26 - Where Emperors Once Walked

Forbidden City
Your beauty reserved for kings
Now shared with the world

Sept 25 - Jet-lagged in Beijing

Cheese and smoked oysters
Will have to suffice tonight
Weary travellers feast