Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nov 4 - One Of Those Chilly Early-Winter Days That Inspire You And All The Rest Of The World To Go Shopping

A blitz at Mayfair
Much underwear is involved
Chelle goes home. I stay

Nov 3 - This Golden City Book Launch Just Might Be Our First Community-Level Big Social Event Since We Left For Honduras. Yikes.

Lab tours start the day
By night, we gorge on Chinese
Celebrating Ted

Nov 2 - A Very Physical Day With My Young Charge

The girl just won't quit
Gym no longer does her in
We jump, swim, slide, spin

Nov 1 - Sure, It Was An Odd Decision To Offer An Overnight Babysit On Our First Day Back From Mexico, But It Ends Up Being Quite Fun

Keep the kid tired
We're having a sleepover
I'll be asleep first

Oct 31 - Paul Rightly Rebooks Us On A Flight With More Time For Plane Changes, But What A Goofy Route Home Flying To One Coast And Then The Other

A treat: Free movies
I binge until my ears hurt
Make these hours pass

Oct 30 - Grateful That I Read About Xochimilco Gondola Hassles In Advance So We Knew To Go Looking For "Friends" To Share A Ride With. Also, A Shout Out To Mexico's Cheap Public Transportation - Eight Pesos All In

Floating through flowers
Costa Ricans take us in
We all lie so well

Oct 29 - A Live F1 Race Turns Out To Be Quite A Lot More Exciting Than I'd Anticipated, And It's Fun To See Lewis Hamilton Clinch The World Championship Right Before Our Eyes

Confetti flutters
We wave Mexico's colours
Young Max takes the prize

Oct 28 - In Which The Street Crush That We Specifically Said We Wanted To Avoid Becomes The Reality As We Squeeze Into The Zocalo For Dia de Los Muertos

Insane metro crowds
We brave it, toes on the line
Chasing skeletons

Oct 27 - First Day Of Formula 1 And I Doze Off For A Few Wiped Out Minutes In The Stands, Not Unexpected Given The 24-Hour String Of Flights And Delays That It Took To Get Here

We're finally here
We sunburn in the grandstands
then eat street tacos

Oct 26 - On The Upside, We Did Get $60 Worth Of Food Vouchers And Gained The Valuable Knowledge That A Plane's Front Window Can Crack For No Reason At All Right On The Runway

Wake up to crisis
And so it goes all day. Flights
that never happen

Oct 25 - In Praise Of Our Consistently Nice Canine Pal As I Walk Panama Flats With R

Austin's the kindest
Dogs come and go, but she sticks
Patient and friendly

Oct 24 - I Wonder If People Really Know What They Are Getting Into When They Kindly Invite Us To Stay At Their Place During A Gap In Housesits

Cousin sleepover
We appreciate the bed
A place for our stuff