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Oct 7 - Until Next Time, Antigua

Loud booms and church bells
Jar us from sleep before 5
Bidding us goodbye

Oct 6 - It's The Corners That Get To You

A final paddle
Then back in the van to drive
Straight up to the clouds

Oct 5 - Pablo Leads Us Arriba

The horses take us
To a high finca filled with
coffee plots for all

Oct 4 - To The Town of Weavers' Guilds

First, San Juan by sea
Then back again, walking now
A long, hot highway

Oct 3 - Smitten By Lago De Atitlan

We paddle the lake
There's something of Atlantis
Below the surface

Oct 2 - OK, Two Days Here Is Long Enough

Better the rain then
Hours of marching-band tunes
Blasting from the school

Oct 1 - I'm Wishing I Had A Sweater

A four-hour walk
Then a drive to the lago
And different weather

Sept 30 - Cooking Marshmallows On Pacaya

Up early to walk
the lava fields, and roast things
over the hot vents

Sept 29 - This City's Got A Lot Going For It

There's a good reason
Why Antigua gets tourists
And Copan struggles