Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jan 7 - My Mother Dies, Leaving All Of Us Struggling To Imagine How That Is Possible

4 a.m.: Leissa
Mom has left, looking for Dad
Peace and love, dear one

Jan 6 - In Which I Foolishly Think I Can Act Like Everything's Normal Even Though Nothing Is

Mom's still here. I work
though my brain's not sharp enough
Daniel has the flu

Jan 5 - What Do You Do When Hope Is Gone And All There Is Left Is Waiting?

We cry, laugh, tell tales
Damn, Mom, you would love all this
Chelle sings 'Braided Thread'

Jan 4 - Hope Begins To Leave Us

Sense of dread takes hold
Mom wakes confused, her arm dead
By night, the truth's known

Jan 3 - A Long Day Of Alternating Between Hope And Worry

Blood pressure won't rise
They wheel Mom to a nice room
I take the couch bed

Jan 2 - This Lengthy Period Of Illness Becomes Too Much For Even The Most Stoic And Mom Finally Relents

Ambulance for Mom
The sickness festers in her
A night without sleep